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Thank you for your interest to buy Bio-Scan SA shares.

We are a technology leader in Real-time, digital X-Ray and  Gamma-Ray systems. Our breakthrough technology is transforming health care and industry, opening up whole new areas of applications with outstanding market potential.

As soon as the company is able to place the current offering of 20 million shares, we expect to achieve the objectives of our business plan.

To bolster our international sales, to build our marketing capabilities, to ensure strong growth, we are offering a selected number of investors a significant proportion of Bio-Scan SA share capital currently held by the company.

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We will reply by sending you an information brief together with a confidentiality agreement enabling you to receive the following:

Once we receive your duly completed confidentiality agreement, and subject to availability of shares, one of Bio-Scan’s authorized representatives will contact you.

To speak with one of our authorized representatives please contact us at headquarters:

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