Statements from present users of IRIS

“Radiation oncologists at the University of Pennsylvania compared portal images obtained with a conventional metal-film cassette with the BioScan images. In these preliminary studies, the physicians judged the BioScan portal images to be better than the film image for verifying treatment setup of prostate fields. In addition the BioScan Imager provided at least equivalent if not better images for identification of anatomical landmarks in the treatment of head and neck, lung, pelvis and extremity lesions”.
Dr. Peter Bloch
Head Physicist
University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, USA

“One has to imagine that extremely precise means to prepare the treatment. Some devices are available but when the time comes to apply it, one is not quite sure of the position. With Bioscan’s devices, it is like having an aiming device and the patient can really be seen during the radiotherapy” (excerpt of a Swiss television broadcast – May 2000).
Pr. R. Mirimanoff
Head of Radio-oncology Dept.
CHUV, Switzerland

“Today no portal imager (EPID) gives any satisfactory images. IRIS is the first system to give quality images usable in routine work to improve the balistic precision of the radiations.
It is the first system to give true dynamic images.
A precision increase in our daily work in the Hospital Lyon-Sud should make it possible to cure 5% more patients for ENT, chest, abdomen or pelvis cancers. This means, in a service such as that of Lyon-Sud, excluding breast cancer : 900 annual radiations – 40% recovery, 360 patients/year. 5% more means approx. 20 additional recoveries each year“.

Pr. JP Gérard
Head of Radiotherapy-Oncology Dept.
Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud, France

“The development of IRIS as an imaging system for radiotherapy is extremely interesting. The quality of the images you showed me is absolutely remarkable.
I am very interested to notice that there was no significant difference between the images at 6MV and at 18MV. This is an important factor in a department with variable energy machines.
I wish to follow the development of this system and believe it is a clear asset in radiotherapy”.

Pr. F. Eschwege
Head of Radiotherapy Dept.
Vice-Director of the Gustave-Roussy Institute, Paris, France

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