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Bioscan have presented the first results with medical applications of antimatter (antiprotons) at the prestigious 100th Year Anniversary of Einstein's theory of Relativity in Berne, Switzerland.

Please click here for the original publication presented at the event in July 2005.


        BioScan SA. is based in Geneva, Switzerland and, is well known internationally for its research and development program in new real-time radiology and radiotherapy digital detectors for medical and industrial applications.



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Welcome to Bioscan

Extract from the officiel SABC publication (Swiss-American Business Council):

“BioScan, a leading developer in advanced medical imaging system... can substantially improve the early detection of cancer… in some cases as much as a year.”

“The new device is capable of detecting cancer at an even earlier stage than standard commercially available mammography equipment. This revolutionary, high-resolution real-time x-ray technology, which results from years of advanced research and development, allows medical experts to see micro-calcifications as small as 20 microns, the size of early cancerous cell.

Today’s standard resolution for mammography is 100 microns, but a growing number of independent studies are showing that increasing resolution to 50 microns or better can substantially improve the detection of cancer, in some cases as much as a year earlier than using 100 micron resolution.

BioScan’s research and development in mammography is the result of ongoing refinements to its core detection and imaging technologies, which already include two highly advanced systems: IRIS for radiotherapy applications and PIXRAY for radiology:

IRIS is the first real-time (3-10 images per second) digital dynamic imaging system for radiotherapy. It provides the ability to accurately monitor a patient's position and organ movement during treatment in radio-oncology.

PIXRAY is a new generation film-less X-ray system. Applications include radioscopy, angiography, hand surgery, craniofacial surgery, radiography and others. PIXRAY’s innovation includes its high resolution capabilities...The flat panel X-ray detector is easily integrated into standard X-ray radiography equipment for acquisition of real-time images with significant dose reduction (100 fold) contrast resolution in comparison with standard film techniques.”

BioScan SA is an operational technology development company established in Geneva by Professor Zlatko Dimcovski since 1990.

The company has developed and patented new types of scanners for cancer treatment and radiological applications. Its current focus is on the medical field in both radiography and radiotherapy, and on industrial applications for non-destructive testing (NDT).

BioScan has successfully demonstrated and tested its innovative technology in the extended medical and radiology equipment markets, and is now entering the industrial non destructive testing (NDT) market, with new solutions to customers' problems.

What the experts say :

A precision increase in our daily work in the Hospital Lyon-Sud should make it possible to cure 5% more patients for ENT, chest, abdomen or pelvis cancers. This means, in a service such as that of Lyon-Sud, excluding breast cancer : 900 annual radiations – 40% recovery, 360 patients/year. 5% more means approx. 20 additional recoveries each year“.
Pr. JP Gérard
Head of Radiotherapy-Oncology Dept.
Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud, France


Starting the new century

Professor Zlatko Dimcovski worked alongside 6 to be Nobel prize winners when he worked at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) , the institution which invented the world wide web. Then along with co-founder Georges Charpak, 1992 Nobel Prize winner for Physics, set out in 1990 to form Bioscan SA a company who's patented inventions could help save lives particularly in the areas of cancer and Parkinson's disease.
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