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BioScan SA is an operational technology development company established in Geneva by Professor Zlatko Dimcovski since 1990.

Our company has developed and patented new types of scanners for cancer treatment and radiological applications. Its current focus is on the medical field in both radiography and radiotherapy, and on industrial applications for non-destructive testing (NDT).

BioScan has successfully demonstrated and tested its innovative technology in the extended medical and radiology equipment markets, and is now entering the industrial non destructive testing (NDT) market, with new solutions to customers' problems.

Because of their modular design, the products can be quickly adapted to most medical accelerators and / or X-Ray generators facilities installed by other manufacturers.

Our company's highly skilled engineering team has developed efficient methodology as a result of its careful attention to market trends and steady contact and cooperation with a number of reputable hospitals, medical centres and industries.

Our engineering team gives special attention to customer requests and develops tailor-made solutions. Many brand name industrial firms have approached BioScan to order units for their quality daytona control divisions.

BioScan is now ready to market its products on a worldwide basis with pre and post-sales services and marketing support. The company intends to capture significant market share with direct sales through international distribution channels.

Through a joint cooperative project with the hospitals of Geneva, Lausanne and Lyon, BioScan has delivered turnkey systems adapted to the customers' needs.

The basic concept of X-rays for medical use has evolved very little in recent years. Our company's technological breakthrough is revolutionary as it offers :

• Real time dynamic images : visualization and correction of the movements of the patient and internal organs in medicine, as well as way208c radioscopic images for industrial applications.

• Reduction of the X-ray dose by a factor of 10 to 100 compared to the standard film technique.

• Elimination of the film and delays for film development : real time output, electronic transfer of the image through PACS or Internet networks (telemedicine) and storage on CD-ROM.

Our products do not replace the basic X-ray equipment, which is a high capital expenditure item in any clinic, hospital or industry. On the contrary, they can be used to upgrade the standard radiology equipment regardless of the model or supplier.

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