High-quality digital mammography

Breast Microvision is a Full Field Digital Mammography unit (18 x 24 cm) which is the most recent of BioScan's achievements. The Breast Microvision 50 mammography is based on a 50 microns pixel pitch matrix detector which is able to detect breast cancer in the early stage.

The system's many benefits include:

Early cancer detection

Identification of small micro-calcifications (~100 microns) with a defined shape

Posibility for differentiation between benign or malignant micro-calcifications

Low dose radiation allowing doctors quicker response time to patients

Image of breast phantom CIRS 10A.

Display and recording of an image or a sequence of images in real time with 12 bits ADC (4096 levels of grey).
All the tests with Breast Microvision for its optimization are made on Breast Phantoms. Clinical tests are in progress.


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